World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day is coming up on the 30th January. This month, as part of our Right to Sight campaign with CBM UK, we’re learning more about NTDs and discovering the progress that’s been made to #BeatNTDs in the world’s poorest places and the action still needed!
Month 7 I Neglected Tropical Diseases

What are Neglected Tropical Diseases?

NTDs are a group of ancient diseases that threaten 1.7 billion people living in the poorest and most marginalized communities worldwide – where there is little or no access to clean water and sanitation.

These diseases blind, disable and disfigure people, taking away not only their health, but also their chances of staying in school, earning a living, or even being accepted by their family or community.

Since 2012, 33 countries have eliminated at least one NTD. Some of the most well-known NTDs include Trachoma, River Blindness and Leprosy.

Berthine’s story

64-year-old Berthine adores her grandchildren, but she’s only ever seen the three eldest because she’s lost her sight to River Blindness.

Without treatment, River Blindness causes permanent blindness. Sadly, it is too late to save Bertine’s sight, but we can protect generations to come – including her grandchildren.

Together with their long-term partner, HANDS, CBM is working alongside communities in Nigeria, to eliminate NTDs. This includes providing regular medication to protect people from River Blindness and other NTDs and improving access to clean water and sanitation. Find out more.

CBM has also been working in partnership with The Leprosy Mission Nigeria and University of Jos to improve mental health support for people affected by skin NTDs like leprosy, lymphatic filariasis and Buruli Ulcer. Find out more.

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