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Slide COVID 19 UPDATE. During these unprecedented times for businesses, QAV GLOBAL continues to offer and deliver a wide range of virtual services through our media division.

QAV’s Digital Team has over 15 years experience in delivering virtual solutions, ranging from virtual/hybrid meetings, remote presenter recordings, KOL's ad-boards and internal training meetings.

Within the last 9 months alone, QAV GLOBAL has successfully delivered 117 Virtual Webcasts with 703 Virtual Presenters having reached an audience of over 8881 participants across 62 countries.

QAV’s digital team would be happy to offer guidance on which solution would be the ‘best-fit’ for your virtual programme in these challenging times.

We also remain open to answer all your live events enquiries, so that when the self-imposed lockdowns are lifted, we are good-to-go to inspire your audiences through creative engaging live productions.