QAV were asked to participate in an ideas exchange for a medical communication agency about programme migration to virtual.

Internal Communication Event.

The received brief was to provide some best practises and program considerations when migrating an existing face to face program onto a virtual delivery platform.

In order to provide a comprehensive solution, we decided the best delivery option was to ‘show by doing’ and to create a program to broadcast to the proposed remote audience.
The program duration was scheduled for 30 minutes with the make up being 20 minutes of pre-recorded presentations and 10 minutes for a live Q&A session, during which the panel answered submitted questions from the remote audience.

A pop up studio environment was built at our office which would provide the panel discussion backdrop for a live Q&A session of the program. This created space also facilitated the requirement to shoot the pre-recorded presentation elements. The RAW footage was then in turn edited and adorned with accompanying supporting graphics.

To show further flexibility and capability of QAV virtual services, the QAV panel consisted of three presenters within the created studio with a fourth member being located in out adjacent building and mixed in when required.

“The program was very well received by the client both in its production value and engagement but also for the content and knowledge imparted to their staff for future consideration and hopefully further collaboration.”

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QAV’s Digital Team has over 15 years experience in delivering virtual solutions, ranging from virtual/hybrid meetings, remote presenter recordings, KOL's ad-boards and internal training meetings.

QAV’s digital team would be happy to offer guidance on which solution would be the ‘best-fit’ for your virtual programme in these challenging times.

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