QAV Inc has just successfully completed a new mini-series roadshow for a new US Pharma Biotech company

With the continual gradual return of live events, QAV Inc has just successfully completed a new mini-series roadshow for a new US Pharma Biotech company. The program commenced in Arizona US with the keynote addresses to the eager U.S HCP audience. The program then made its way over for the European leg with our US office partnering with QAV Ltd to delivery further events in Germany, Poland and Georgia consecutively.

QAV Inc were responsible in producing the bespoke scenic elements for the stakeholder and tasked to ensure safe passage to each of the venues. QAV Inc also provided the Production Manager who worked with the various country regulations to ensure all guests who attended felt safe in their environment.  The series had a number of interactive elements which QAV inc produced along with providing the relevant hardware.

Ryan OldfieldVice President at QAV Inc commentated “The event stakeholder really appreciated having a US Production Manager to drive the program forward as well as being available to answer their questions when they arose during their office hours.” Oldfield continues “working with QAV Ltd is a seamless process and one that both the stakeholder and I valued given the varying potential challenge this series could have faced in the current climate.”

Ed Noble – Event Director at QAV Ltd also stated “To be able to offer our event stakeholders the opportunity to have consistent delivery both in terms of specification and staffing is a huge benefit to them, and one that shouldn’t be undervalued.” He continues “Having various operational sites allows the stakeholder to communicate at all times to QAV and ensure any potential issues that arise are dealt with in an effective and efficient manner. It is always a pleasure to work with QAV Inc and I hope that this collaborative effort is one of number moving forward as we both continue to navigate our way out of the pandemic.”

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