QAV recently undertook a hybrid broadcast, in which one of our shoot crews travelled to Stockholm.
QAV were glad to help out with such a good cause.

At relatively short notice QAV was contacted by an existing client and asked to deliver a region-specific live broadcast event for a pharmaceutical company. In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the pharma company had to convert their key annual conference from live to digital and needed technical expertise to enable them to do so.

From the outset, the event posed a number of highly technical and logistical challenges, QAV realised from the brief they received that they would need to travel to Sweden to film the chairman live on location in order to ensure he was presented to the highest standard.

We questioned the viability of travelling to another country in the midst of a global pandemic and how the team would be able to work effectively whilst ensuring compliance with shifting travel guidelines across Europe, but clear guidance from both governments ensure travel and activity were achievable.

A few days prior to the event, all the speakers were given a technical briefing and an online demonstration to ensure they were familiar with the technology. This session also resolved any local infrastructure hitches in advance of the live broadcast.

In addition to the Chair, three other presenters joined the event from Sweden, Canada and Australia via their devices.

QAV’s crew arrived onsite and it transpired that the chairman had been advised to avoid any kind of physical contact whatsoever.
The QAV crew on site worked with the chairman and offered a few alternative set-ups to appease this latest restriction.
It was finally agreed that it would be acceptable to all concerned for the cameraman in full PPE to be in attendance in the room with the chairman at the agreed social distancing.

“I just want to say thank you for all your support on the meeting and for being so flexible! It definitely made us feel a lot calmer regarding the complications with COVID and all the backup solutions were great!”

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